Wedding Flowers are very individual. The examples here are just a small sample of the many weddings we have done.

We have a facebook page which is updated weekly with the latest bouquets showing the current trends, that may give you some ideas.

For a quote it is best to meet and discuss in person your flower requirements. Call us on (02) 6652 2111 to arrange an interview time. More then 1 month before the wedding is ideal as it gives us enough time to source your specific flowers so they are available on the day.

If you do not live in Coffs Harbour but are planning your wedding here then we can help you out. Although a face to face interview is ideal, if that isn’t possible once you have an idea of what you might like please send us an email containing; your name, wedding date, wedding location and an image or two with what you had in mind. We will then be in contact to tailor yours ideas and provide a quote.

Everyone’s wedding is different and our friendly, happy staff will do there best to meet your desires.


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